6 Quotes that will make you proud to be a Black woman

“I was shy, but it came out in my big personality. My turning point is when I let my hair go naturally.” -Tracee Ellis

A beautiful day starts with inspirations, motivations and positive energy. And one of the best way to find that is through quotes that can make us be proud of who we are.

Being natural is not a sin, it Is a crown that black women should wear with proud because we are different.

1- By Monica Millner :
This is a good one for Kinky textured hair, it reminds us that we only need the right stuff to do the right thing with our natural hair. But first, we gotta love it to care for it.
2- By Monica Millner:
Your naturalself is something only you can define. It is not defined by society but it’s the essence of who you want to be. And no one can decide what’s right for you, what you should wear and how you should look better than yourself. Of course, embracing your uniqueness has pros and cons. But only when you are consitent with how you wanna present yourself to others that this style will be defined as yours.

3- By Leo Tolstoy:
We are motivated often by quotes or phrases that appear superficial or that make us feel like we are flying in the sky. But, one of the best quotes are sometimes the simplest ones. And Leo Tolstoy shows that in this quote.

4- By Malak El Halabi:
What a beautiful way Malak El Halabi compares the human being to the sun! It shows how much you can shine, amazed or burn whoever gets too close with the right vibes!

5- Unknown:
Our Culture and our essence have been compromised for centuries by relaxers because we didn’t beleive in our naturalself. But with our natural community growing, we are returning to where and how it began: with our natural hair.

6- Unknown: I honestly feel more connected to my ancestors wearing my natural hair than before. My hair never been so rich, so voluminous, so full, so healthy and so thick than now. When I gave up my relaxed hair, I gave up a vicious cycle of mental colonization that i needed to break in order to show who I really am.

1 Corinthians 11:15
but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.

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