Growing long and healthy hair is the number one goal of woman nowadays. But having long hair is sometimes not enough when you have fine and fragile hair that breaks easily.

But if you’re in the battle of growing long hair and trying to get them thicker at the same time you are not alone. In fact, the kitchen may already have what you need to use on a regular basis to achieve your goals.

Let me introduce you to two simple ingredients that can grow your hair fast and get you the thick hair you ever wanted.

The first one is Olive oil:

Olive oil is without a doubt an everyday oil that has almost all benefits for your health. But what about your hair?

Well, this amazing oil obtained from olive by pressing the olives that you use for cooking,salad dressing and frying is known to help fix dull and brittle hair too.

As a matter of fact, some naturalist nowadays use it as:

-Hot oil treatment


-Daily oil

Olive oil benefits for hair growth:

-It is a great source of antioxidants
-It promotes hair growth
-It repairs damaged hair
-It helps hair grow thicker

Therefore, mixing olive oil with this other natural ingredients will boost the properties of this treatment we’re talking about today.

The second one is onion:

The onion is commonly use in everything we’re doing and it is an amazing thing fir hair growth that i am experiencing myself.

This ingredient is one of the most wild cultivated species of the genus Allium. And it can reach from 1 to 4.5 diameter.

Using onion in the kitchen is a must because this delicious thing add flavors to our food but for hair it does more than that. In fact, eating plenty of onion may grow your hair too.

Onion benefits for hair growth:

-It improves hair growth
-It nourishes hair follicles
-Its high amount of sulfur can help minimize breakage
-It has antioxidants properties that reverse premature graying
-Its rich antibacterial properties
keep hair and scalp healthy

How to make the treatment

You gonna need:

-1/2 onion

-1/4 cup of olive oil

-2 tbps of coconut oil (optional)

Benefits of coconut oil for hair growth:

-It has antibacterial and antifungal properties
-It helps hair shine
-It makes hair more moisturized
-It helps hair gets stronger
-It nourishes your scalp
-it reduces hair breakage


1-Cut the onion

2-Put it in a microwavable bowl

3-Put the Bowl in hot water using the double boiling method to warm up the mixture on low heat for 10 minutes.

Add lavender oil for the smell and
use daily or weekly as:

-Hot oil treatment

Make sure you massage your scalp after applying the mixture.AdvertisementsREPORT THIS ADAdvertisementsREPORT THIS AD

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